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6 Website Problems & Solutions I Know You Need

Business owners put " TOO" much faith on a web developer's job.

They always think his website wil be oustanding. The truth to the matter is that they don't get an awesome website.

While this blog post starts you off with known issues, I outline a fix for your website. The solution not only improves web performance, also might save you money.

Let' s expose some truth to this topic.

Last Updated June 17,2017
6 website problems with unique solutions

    Google spider can crawl a Flash website but how much data it gets are questionable. Also, any flash website carries heavy loading and big file size. This Flash technology does not work on smartphone. Finally, Flash is not SEO friendly.

    Smart solution:
    As late as 2013, Flash is not trendy anymore. The majority of professional web developers prefer jQuery instead of Flash to build complex animations.
  • 2. Full Graphic Based Website

    Believe me; I still see a full website with one big image. Besides, full graphical website declares 100% SEO unfavorable. Thought this website contains 300-500 words in the ALT tag, this is a huge no. What's more, this website does not benefit SEO and customer experience.

    Smart solution:
    Google counts the first 16 words in the ALT tag text. Use HTML 5 and bootstrap framework.
  • 3. Some website designer still use HTML 4

    My recent client wanted me to improve web performance on her real estate website. I explained that this website contains various bugs. For this reasons, it impacts on site speed and SEO. Finally, this Beijing web developer used HTML 4 to build her company site. Mind you, HTML 4 was popular 18 years ago.

    Not all web developers upfront with you the truth.

    Smart solution:
    Without a hesitation, don't go for a cheap website!

    The current Web Language is HTML 5. This compatible with smartphone, tablet and desktop technologies.
  • 4. Poor URL structure

    Even though eCommerce website generates a URL with symbols and ID session. This provides no semantic meaning to people and search engines. It's your job to provide and create a reader friendly URL structure. Did you know this is highly relevant to SEO optimization? A well-written URL is easy to read and understandable. In return, Google rewards your website with a possibility of higher ranking.

    Which example is helpful to your customers?

    Smart solution:
    Use .htaccess file to rewrite URL.

    Further reading
    URL Rewriting for the Fearful

  • 5. JavaScript Menu

    Beware of JavaScript menu! These menus are not SEO friendly. Here’s an example of JavaScript link:

    ‹a href=”#” onClick=”jumpTo(‘…’);”›…‹/a›

    ‹a href=”js:location.href=’…’;”›…‹/a›

    ‹a href=”example.html” onClick=”jumpTo(this.href); return false;”›…‹/a›

    ‹a href=”” onClick=”trackIt(this.href);”›…‹/a›

    Smart solution:
    Do this; ‹a href=”6-website-problem-and-solution.html”›Home‹/a›
  • 6. Frame website

    “Splitting a page into frames is very confusing for users since frames break the fundamental user model of the web page. All of a sudden, you cannot bookmark the current page and return to it (the bookmark points to another version of the frameset), URLs stop working, and printouts become difficult. Even worse, the predictability of user actions goes out the door: who knows what information will appear where when you click on a link?
    “ - Usability Guru Jakob Nielsen's Original Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design.

    Smart solution:
    Choose a responsive website to eliminate the frame website issue.

What do you think? Will you try these web solutions on your website? Let me know how it goes:-)

Either way, leave a comment on my Twitter or LinkedIn account.

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