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Sam H Mah, Web Design and Marketing
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40% of Canadian business had a website in 2012 and many of those don't use theirs effectively - source: Business Development Bank of Canada

Our website design process creates values for your business and reduces marketing cost. We promise these:

  • We build a website like a masterpiece. For this reason, we optimize your website for better experience. We want your customers to feel excellent while they interact your web page.
  • How do we attract international and local customers? We can set up western social media account with verification. This will bring more relevant traffic to your Chinese brand recognition. To furthermore, these customers will visit your English website.
  • Do you know this? Our designed website can reduce your future marketing costs. Your brand will not only dominate on page one on Google. Try SHM DESIGN website service today.
  • Even though our designed website can reduce marketing costs, your brand will not only dominate on page one on Google and Baidu, but also obtain hundred of online noteworthy leads, referrals and web traffic.

Our process

  • We build a STRONG website with international standard principle. For this reason, your website is technical sound yet incredibly search engine friendly.
  • Not to mention, we start out with pencil sketch of your vision. This is an early wireframe of your website. We work with you to develop a BETTER solution so your business can go further. At the end of the day, we care about your success.
  • Next, we search an in-depth look at your Changsha competitors.
  • Next, we code your responsive website with HTML 5 and Google AMP. We test it thoroughly on Chinese mobile devices.
  • Finally, we upload your website on your paid server.
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