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What Makes Me Different From Other Guangzhou Website Designers

Firstly, I am an award winning Canadian website designer; have been doing this for 10 years; speak English and Cantonese fluently.

In my professional life, I love building high quality websites with Google SEO that get result. Let I tell you this; my 9 WEB COMPONENTS to create your website.

Whether you live in Guangzhou, Dongguan & Foshan, I deliver excellent results for your website!

Persona Creation
Before making your website, my utmost priority is to define your prospect customers. To deliver what they want and be relevant to search engines is the key.
Website Wireframe
Wireframes, in a simple technical term are sketches; I use pencil to draw out your website. As a result, excellent creative ideas and developing concepts revealed here.
Custom Interface Design
I design your custom interface from wireframes. This includes the use of color, font style and high-quality images.
Best Design Practices
Developing a good website is like building a well-built house. For this, I apply Web standards, the all-purpose term for the formal web specifications.
SEO Site Architecture
Increase keyword relevancy & browing experience
Browser and Device Testing
Chrome and Internet Explorer browser are totally unlike. One shows error of the page, the other browser fixes it for you.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Our Guangzhou SEO service use ethical white-hat technqiues. I know how to do this well :-)
Full Page Speed Optimization
Build a satisfactory experience for your customers
Money-Back Guarantee & More Benefits

Am I better than those Guangzhou Website Designers? Guangzhou SEO experts? You bet. :-)

To sum up...
Our Guangzhou website package is second to none, your traffic and leads will increase by 25-175%.

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