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While I am an award winning Canadian website designer I like to build a high quality website. Let I tell you this; you need 5 design mechanisms to create an unbeaten website to get relevant traffic.

  1. Persona Creation
    Before making your website, my first priority is to define your prospect customers. I listen to your vision and understand your business completely.

    Additionally, I can identify long-tail keywords with your input. With that in mind, I can help you to WIN more traffic from your friend, Google and Bing.

    Next, I will start out wireframes first.
  2. Website Wireframe
    Wireframes, in a simple technical term are sketches; I use pencil to draw out your website. I act and think how individual elements affect the users on your website. As a result, excellent ideas and concepts revealed here.
    Furthermore, I apply Photoshop to design your website from those wireframes. This includes the use of color, font style and high-quality images.

    Now I can begin to program your website after getting an approval from you.

    At last...
    The fun part begins with coding best practice.
  3. Best Design Practices
    Developing a website is like building a well-built house. For this, I apply Web standards, the all-purpose term for the formal web specifications. This ensures your web pages are compatible not only to the future devices, but also to the mass audience.
  4. Browser and Device Testing
    Different browsers display a website in a different way. The Chrome and Internet Explorer browser are totally unlike. For example, your website has errors and warnings on Chrome, not IE. This potential can lead to the breakdown of a web page and ruin your brand reputation if you don't check it.
  5. SEO
    Your website receives large traffic if you install the right keyword phrase. This is the worth of investment in a website.

To sum up...
You get an awesome website to help your business further.

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