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5 Ways To Perfect Your Website

Last updated January 15, 2018

Here are few items you must go over with your Edmonton website designer. Why? Professionally, some designers don't NOT FIX their errors. This big lazy mistake has an enormous consequence in your page ranking.

In my Edmonton website design blog, you will learn five potential solutions to your website development issues. I have seen this from a big or small website design company in Edmonton, Calgary, and Shanghai China. Here I won't name any of the companies, but I have seen this regularly. Let's begin.
  • 1. Clean HTML/CSS Code

    Being able to write correct HTML 5 and CSS is the job of an experienced web designer & developer.

    His/her job is to make a significant website with awareness to detail in the code. Also, this applies to PHP and Javascript.

    5 Best Website Design Tips

    Clean code not only helps web page to load faster but also rewards for higher search ranking.

    What's more?
    Clean code reduces future web maintenance cost because the clean code is easy to change. Also, the next developer will spend less time on your website.

  • 2. JavaScript & CSS Files

    Although heavy JavaScript and CSS files delay visitor from seeing anything, here’s how to produce a quick loading web page:

    1. Put all inline CSS codes into one external file and link this back to the HTML page.
    2. Place external JavaScript file link on the bottom of the web page.
    3. Compact your JavaScript and CSS files into fewer files as possible.
    4. Have a fewer request from a web page to the server. Each request is a waste of time. This optimization tip improves your site speed.
    Minify JS and CSS files

    Doing the above items improve your web page's speed 100% faster, your users will gain more exceptional experience.
    Speed matters! It can boost customer confidence and trust on your site.

  • 3. Popular Web Browsers

    Every favorite browser renders a website differently! You should double check your website carefully.

    Improving your webite performance

    You can command 90% browser market shares if your web page is compatible with five popular browsers.

  • 4. Mobile & Tablet Devices

    With the rise of smartphones and tablets in 2011, this is a critical area of your website. Have no worries; you can use free mobile tools to test your site.

    Responsive website design fits all three devices

    Your customers now use a tablet and smartphone to view websites. If your website is not responsive, get your web designer to make it mobile friendly. What's more, your site gets a boost in search ranking. What's more, your website gets a boost in search ranking.

  • 5. Web Page Compression

    It’s true; the web experience is tremendously valuable. No matter how to visualize your website is, your prospects don’t like waiting and likes to get info quickly. They merely get frustrated by buffering videos, heavy sliders and the big images.

    Improving your webite performance

    Use the .htaccess file to improve your web performance if you have an Apache server.

    By using a .htaccess file, it can speed up a process and saves time. Your website may reduce the file size by upwards of 70%.

What do you think? Will you try one of these website solutions to improve your website?

Drop me a message if you have any thoughts or questions!I‘d appreciate it if you helped me, by sharing this article with your friends. Thanks!

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