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Chinese Translation Services: The Hidden Truth

Last updated January 21, 2018

Lots of Chinese translation companies show up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus. You have many options to choose from, but you still don’t know which translation company will cater to you.

Website Translation

Chinese translators in Shanghai

Most companies from North America want to do business in China. How do you reach 500 million-plus internet users in China? It’s my firm belief that cultural awareness and search visibility is the key to your website translation success.

Look for the translation company in Shanghai with proven results on website localization:

  1. Culture sensitivity
    Working with an experienced translation company with sound fame is ideally suitable. Different countries have their taboos, customs, and religions. An experienced translation company would naturally avoid silly mistakes than say, a small translation company, and I’m sure the outcome would be completely different.

    Also, you should look for a company that stands by the quality of their writing with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you were not absolutely happy with the translation, they would redo the work at no cost.
  2. Quality search engine friendly content
    Quality translation can increase search visibility from the local search engine! Whether you hire a Shanghai translation company or translator, their job is not just carrying out quality writing, but also make your website standout in Google and Baidu, make it easier for your potential Chinese customers to find you.

    If they can’t do both, get in touch with the SHM translation team.
  3. Don't forget these crucial tips
    Google threw a wrench on international companies’ website in the 2011 Panda Update. Most international websites potentially face these issues:

    Google, sometimes display US result if you use The searcher prefers localization result, so Google is far from being perfect. Help Google to solve this problem.
  4. The mixture of duplicate content and root directory structure caught some websites in the Panda filter. In other words, these sites violate Google’s best SEO practices.

    Learn more about Google Webmaster Guideline.
  5. If your website’s primary language is English, your solution is to add hreflang tag on the translated page. This local tip tells Google that your page is geo-location targeted.
    See example.

    Put hreflang and canonical tag on the translated document and this what it looks like:
    ‹link rel="alternate" hreflang="zh-Hans" href="" /›
    ‹link rel="canonical" href=" "/›
    Replace with your domain

Literary Translation

You have a book,and you are ready to try it out in another language like Chinese. Getting your literature work translated can be daunting.

How can you be sure it will read well, and reflect the same tone and subtleties of your original work?

The problem with literary translation work is unique, with its voice.

Carrying that voice successfully across the language barrier means pairing up the author with the right Chinese translator. Finding a literary translation company in Shanghai can be easy and fun.

Follow these insider tips for your search:

  1. Work with project manager
    Find a literary translation company that offers a project manager for you to work with.

    A project manager has more power than a translator in the translation company. She gives you direct access and control over the process.
  2. Submit a page or two to be translated by three or four Chinese translators
    Translating the same tone and subtleties of your main literary work can lead to several different Chinese phrases.

    Altogether you can see what you like and dislike about each translation piece.

    Hiring the wrong translator could mean the difference between success and failure.
  3. The cost largely depends on the book volume
    Larger translation companies will allow several payments to be made.

Shanghai Translators

Technical Translation

Whether you’re foreign owned or Chinese-foreign joint ventures, it’s reasonably necessary to get your company documents translated into Chinese with precise and accurate phraseology..

From my personal working experience with Volkswagen, these translation tips can guide you to achieve greater success and do right the first time.
  1. Proper preparation avoids stress and headaches
    You should gather the text to be translated into a Word document.

    Write background summary, glossaries, product pictures and previous technical translation marketing pieces as your reference materials for the new translator.
  2. Who reads my translated text
    Which market do you aim? Clear-cut instructions on the target audience and reading level of your document can significantly influence the quality of the translation.

    Different Chinese translation for the similar phrase or name in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong is possible so you must define your target customer base first.
  3. Define the purpose of the text
    It provides valuable cues to the translators you work with.
  4. Shanghai translation company or freelance translator?
    If you decide to go with a translation company in Shanghai that provides a translation service package, insist on seeing the qualifications of the qualified translator who will do your translation writing and request to look at her samples.

    If you decide to work with a freelance Shanghai translator, ask for her work sample, education, clients, and their testimonials.

    A translator who possesses a certification that gives an extra assurance for you, that the technical translation writing will be done professionally.
  5. Proofread
    Most translation companies in Shanghai proofread their work repeatedly before publication.

    To avoid potential errors, have a Chinese native speaker who knows your business to read the final text and then ask your translator to proofread again. This approach helps eliminate embarrassing errors.

What do you think? Hopefully, this article will help you to understand Chinese translation services better.

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